qualitative researcher training

What does a Qualitative Researcher Do?

Whether you're currently in school or in the workforce (and looking to change careers) qualitative research is a path worth exploring if you're the curious type who wants to understand how and why people make decisions. Qualitative research is a broad field that encompasses research…

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New Course Added! Ancillary Methods in Qualitative Research

We are really excited to announce that we have just added a new course (and are so especially happy to be welcoming a new instructor!): The course is called "How to Conduct Ancillary Methods in Qualitative Research," and it's taught by industry veteran and powerhouse,…

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InterQ Learning Labs offers training for market researchers

Training Programs for Market Researchers

"Market research" is a broad term covering both qualitative and quantitative research. It can include things like market sizing, marketing research, ad agency research (planning/strategy), consumer insights, voice of the customer research, and traditional qualitative research (focus groups, ethnographic research, in-depth interviews, social listening, and UX…

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The steps of setting up a qualitative research project

How Do You Set Up A Qualitative Research Project?

In today's post, we're going to go over the process to design and set up a market research project using qualitative research. If you work internally for a company, and you've been tasked with research -- or if you're a consultant working in marketing or…

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