Research Report Fundamentals: Research Reports and Workshopping the Findings

In this 2-day in-person workshop, you’ll learn how to distill and synthesize research findings, effectively. This course is designed for researchers who are looking to further their skills in research synthesis, storytelling, and insight implementation. The course is co-taught by Joanna Jones and Traci Ayer. Traci worked on the client-side and brings the perspective of how research is interpreted and distilled internally.

Price: $2400

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What you get from the course

  • Full certificate in report writing and presenting, upon completion of course
  • Expertise in how to write and present reports, to a variety of stakeholders
  • Team-building for in-house team training
  • Become part of the InterQ Learning Labs global community

What the course includes

  • 2-day in-person intensive training that will teach researchers how to analyze and distill qualitative data, write reports (in various formats, including video), and present the research
  • Instruction on how to take research insights and apply the learnings to business problems and technology design
  • Learn how to get stakeholder buy-in to the research findings and engage teams
  • Understand techniques to ensure the research is put to use and incorporated throughout an organization
  • Client perspective woven throughout: What clients look for from research partners, how they write their own internal briefs, and how to best help clients ensure the findings are delivered effectively and put to use
  • Get instructed on how to design research insights workshops, using the latest technology
  • Small class sizes (12 people max, with 2 instructors)
  • Held in premier cities around the U.S., including San Francisco, Chicago, New York City, Miami, and Austin

Upcoming workshops

February 21 to 22, 2023, Miami

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