We are really excited to announce that we have just added a new course (and are so especially happy to be welcoming a new instructor!): The course is called “How to Conduct Ancillary Methods in Qualitative Research,” and it’s taught by industry veteran and powerhouse, Katrina Noelle.

If you have been conducting qualitative research and are ready to expand your skillset, then this course is for you (we don’t advise those brand-new to the field take this course; or, if you are relatively new, we recommend you first take the InterQ Learning Labs “Everything in Moderation” course first.)

Katrina will be teaching participants how to conduct research in spaces outside of a traditional focus group / co-working facility. This is essential, as the best research should take place in context, and seek to capture people in their natural environments.

The coursework will focus on capturing participant feedback in settings that include homes, shop-alongs, and she’ll teach best practices for online research with webcams (and give tons of great details on how to setup interviews, frame questions, and conduct studies that take into account legal/ethical considerations).

As with all InterQ Learning Labs courses, the instruction will be done in-person with real participants, in real homes, stores, and situations. Participants will learn the techniques through a case-study format (real-world research scenario), for maximum impact. Katrina will provide theory, instruction, coaching, and tons of feedback.

If you’re ready to deepen and improve your qualitative research chops, this course is absolutely essential, and completely unique among training companies.

The only bad news is you have to wait until 2023! Katrina will be teaching the course in Minneapolis, April 12th and 13th.

About Katrina Noelle: 

Katrina Noelle is principal of KNow Research, an insights consultancy based in San Francisco that has been designing custom research initiatives for clients by combining methodologies from traditional in-person research with digital approaches since 2003. She is also co-Founder of Scoot® Insights, where their trademarked Scoot Sprint approach helps decision-makers choose the right direction. Katrina relishes the opportunity to empower and support talented women on her team and in her network of expert partners, most recently through her role as a Laureate for the Insights Association.  She believes in the ability, empathy, strength and drive of women in Insights and works to bring out those qualities in others.

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