InterQ Learning Labs is proud to partner with technology platforms and facilities. As part of our approach, our courses incorporate key technologies that bring qualitative research to life: from mobile ethnographies to online collaboration boards, our students will be using technology platforms during our courses so that they can learn these essential tools, along with the fundamentals of research.

Research is contextual, so we teach research in-context. For this reason, we teach our courses in real research settings: focus group facilities, co-working spaces, and even hotel conference rooms. We show participants how to record interviews, using their own equipment and agile recording platforms, and we guide students in how to choose the right research setting, based on the project and budget.

Our partners include:


Indeemo Mobile Ethnography Platform

Indeemo is our preferred partner for mobile ethnographies. Our students use the Indeemo platform throughout our Everything in Moderation course. This allows them to learn what it’s like to be a participant on the platform, and we teach them how to use the platform from a research perspective: how to set up questions, and how to analyze and code the data on the dashboard.

Research Facilities

We are proud to partner with research facilities, where we teach participants the advantages of conducting research in facilities specifically designed for research. In our Everything in Moderation course, we spend a full day teaching the class at a facility. Our students get to practice with real participants, and students take turns being “behind the mirror” – taking notes  in the backroom – as well as at the helm, as a moderator. This realistic training prepares students for the types of research scenarios they will encounter.

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Partner 2