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If you’re on the East Coast (or you enjoy New York City in December), InterQ Learning Labs is hosting our Everything in Moderation class in New York (midtown Manhattan) from December 6th-9th.

This 4-day, immersive class will teach you everything you need to know to be an effective qualitative research moderator — both for individual and group moderating. Some highlights of what this course covers includes:

  • How to work with clients and stakeholders to arrive at the hypotheses and essential question that the research needs to address
  • Understanding various qualitative methodologies and picking the appropriate one for the study
  • How to use workshops to build discussion guides
  • How to use digital tools such as mobile ethnography apps to get in-the-moment qualitative insights
  • The elements of building a guide (with a case study project as a sample)
  • Moderating: The fundamentals of setting up and asking questions
  • Moderating practice – groups, dyads, IDIs (with real participants in a focus group facility)
  • Online digital tools overview to supplement research
  • How to set up workshops to distill the insights

The course will take place at a WeWork and a focus group facility; this allows us to teach our students how to set up research in a variety of settings, using agile techniques. Our whole approach is learn-by-doing, so our classes are taught with real participants, tons of practice, feedback, as well as theory. We use a real-project example as a case study throughout the course, so students learn by designing a real-world research project.

By the end of the 4-day course, students will be equipped with fundamental qualitative research skills. This class is designed for both experienced researchers who want to hone their techniques, as well as new researchers who want to tackle the fundamentals. It’s perfect for those already working in the insight industry, for professionals working in-house who need to do research, for independent/freelancers, and for UX researchers.

We only have spaces for 12 students! The class will be taught by Dr. Karen Seratti and Joanna Jones, research veterans who run their own successful firms.

Register today!