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Research Experience

Meet the Team

Joanna Jones, Founder and Moderator, InterQ Research

Joanna Jones has been conducting qualitative research since her undergraduate years, where she received a B.S. in psychology from Cal Poly and a graduate certificate in technical communications. After graduating, Joanna worked at large ad agencies, where she learned how to do strategic planning and manage clients. In 2015, Joanna founded InterQ Research, a full-service market research firm. At InterQ, Joanna formed relationships with new clients and conducted qualitative research for brands that include Delta Air Lines, Audi, Samsung, LG, Salesforce, eBay, and Stanford University.

Joanna has traveled around the U.S. and Europe moderating research studies, ranging from traditional groups, to UX, to one-on-one interviews. She has developed new techniques in ideation, and is an expert at incorporating technology into her research studies.

As the co-founder of InterQ Learning Labs, Joanna manages the business operations, co-writes curriculum, and co-teaches courses. She is still at the helm of InterQ Research, where she conducts research for clients and manages a team of quantitative and qualitative researchers. Joanna is also a guest lecturer at University of San Francisco, in market research courses.

Dr. Karen Seratti, Psychologist and Business Strategist

Dr. Karen Seratti has been instrumental in influencing strategy for some of the world’s largest brands since 1994. Dr. Seratti founded The Seratti Group in 2001. Her list of clients at The Seratti Group include Apple, Amgen, Bayer, Disney, NBC Universal, Charles Schwab, Chase, Citibank, and Microsoft. Dr. Seratti has moderated thousands of groups and pioneered new techniques in strategic planning, moderating, and qualitative research methods.

Dr. Seratti has a Ph.D and Master’s in Psychology and a B.A. in communications. She has taught as an adjunct professor at University of San Francisco, where she led courses on market research for MBA and undergraduate students.

At InterQ Learning Labs, Dr. Seratti is in charge of curriculum development, teaching, and co-running the business. She still maintains her own list of clients and manages qualitative research at The Seratti Group, which is headquartered in San Francisco. Dr. Seratti is passionate about teaching and ensuring that both new and experienced researchers are equipped with the skills and techniques to be successful in qualitative research.