Job Skills & Roles

Ux ResearchersUX research teams

Our coursework is specially designed to help UX research teams understand the foundations of effective moderating: from managing group dynamics, to setting up discussion guides, to presenting research to stakeholders, we cover key facets of how to ask questions, listening skills, and presenting skills. Our Everything in Moderation class covers moderating skills for individual interviews, dyads, triads, and co-creation groups.

Qualitative ResearchersQualitative researchers

Independent researchers and those who work at small agencies will benefit from the real-world scenarios, observation, practice, and feedback that our moderator training courses provide. Additionally, we teach by embedding the latest technology in qualitative research, giving our participants hands-on exposure to how to incorporate these tools into your projects.

RemoteRemote teams

The Coronavirus pandemic has shifted how teams work together: many companies have gone to remote-only workforces or hybrid-work settings. Though there are many advantages to remote work, a big disadvantage is the lack of mentoring, hands-on training, and ongoing skill development. Our training is done in-person and designed in a way to ensure our participants gain new skill sets through “learn by doing.” We put our students in realistic research settings with actual research questions we’ve encountered in the business world. Then, through observation, practice, and guidance, our students are able to get the live feedback, theoretical training, and practical experience they aren’t able to get through remote work.

Ad Agency PlannersAd agency planners

Ad agency planners wear many hats, and having foundational moderating and report writing skills are key skills for success in this career. We prepare planners with the fundamental skills they need to moderate focus groups and individual interviews. Since the emphasis at ad agencies is often on testing creative and getting feedback for campaign creation, we cover distinct exercises that help capture these tasks.

TrainingIn-house training for teams

For large corporate teams in marketing departments, design teams, and strategy teams, we offer in-house training. Our instructors will come to corporate settings and train teams, using our proprietary coursework. We can train up to 12 participants at a time, and we will work with the company to ensure we’re tailoring the training to core needs that will equip teams with key knowledge and applications. Contact us for more information on in-house training.

Strategists FacilitatorsFacilitators & managers

For professionals who are often in facilitating roles, our Everything in Moderation core training offers key principles of how to manage group dynamics, set up effective questions, develop listening skills, and hone one’s presenting skills. Even if you don’t moderate groups for UX research, advertising, or marketing, you’ll benefit from training that teaches you how to facilitate and manage groups, large meetings, and work with a variety of stakeholders.