The Learning Labs Difference

I00% in-person training

Learning how to conduct qualitative research — effectively — requires in-person instruction. It simply does.

You will not learn the same way via online teaching. It does not offer the observation, coaching, mentorship, and hands-on guidance that in-person teaching offers.

The pandemic has moved a majority of research projects online, and many researchers are now in 100% remote-work roles. While there are advantages to some online training formats, researchers (especially those new in their careers) are missing out on core mentorship, learning, and instructional opportunities by not being taught in-person. Our classes are 100% in-person, because we’re firm believers that the best learning is by doing, observing, practicing, and interacting. Even if your role is remote or all of your research is remote, you will greatly benefit from in-person learning. Furthermore, when you train at InterQ Learning Labs, you’ll become part of a global community of fellow researchers.

Practice on real participants, in real settings

Have you ever moderated in a focus group facility or research lab? Have you done interviews in triad or dyad formats? Do you know how to film and audio-capture your interviews while on the road? Are you confident in combining mixed methodologies into your study design? These are just some of the skill-sets you’ll learn in our workshops. We bring research to life by taking our students to research venues and putting them in front of actual participants. (Don’t worry – we’ll make sure you have the theory and confidence first!) Our students leave our workshops feeling competent and prepared, because we give them practice in realistic scenarios, not just theory.

Renowned instructors, small class sizes, real-world scenarios

At Learning Labs, we have only the top instructors guiding our students through real-research scenarios. Our small class sizes ensure that every student gets personalized instruction, observation, feedback, and most importantly – confidence. Our instructors have moderated for the world’s most renowned brands, and in our courses we give real-case-study examples so that our students can learn how to set up the methodology, write discussion guides, and ask questions that will drive insights. We use principles of psychology and qualitative research fundamentals to teach the core principles of interviewing skills, group dynamics, and synthesizing the data.

Learn how to lead workshops & work with stakeholders

Even if you never lead group sessions with multiple participants, as a researcher, a key part of your role is facilitating meetings, ideation sessions, and – most importantly – ensuring that stakeholders and internal teams put your insights into action. The core skills students learn from our class, Everything in Moderation, teaches researchers how to facilitate group sessions, whether internally or externally with clients. The facilitation fundamentals we teach will equip researchers to be more effective and confident in your career, and the skills we teach are applicable to both junior and senior researchers.

Workshop Format

2&4-day workshops in small class sizes

Small class sizes with real-world examples, hands-on learning, and actual moderating are the key to our method. The only way to gain confidence is by doing. From moderating groups; IDIs; dyads and triads; to report synthesis and workshop instruction, all of our courses contain a max of 12 students and 2 instructors. Our workshops range from 2-4 days, in a highly immersive environment, with learning blocks structured around theory and practice. No more remote learning on Zoom, with an un-personalized experience. No more “on-demand” modules. At Learning Labs, we bring everyone together, and we teach by marrying the best methodologies in qualitative research.

Instruction in actual research settings

Research is best done outside of the office – in neutral settings. We teach our workshops and familiarize our students in settings conducive to research: Focus group facilities, co-working spaces (rented conference rooms), and hotel conference rooms. We take our students to these settings, have them facilitate interviews (with guided feedback), and we show our students how to film and capture research. Nimbly and inexpensively.

Global workshops, pop-up format

Our workshops are held multiple times a year in cities around the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Pick a city to attend – near you or in a destination you want to visit.

InterQ Learning Labs certificate

Participants who complete our training courses receive a certificate and badge that can be displayed on your LinkedIn profile and used on your resume.

Use and learn the latest research technology

Starting on the first day of instruction, you’ll be be immersed in research technologies. From using mobile ethnographies on Indeemo, to recording your experience as you learn, to seeing how online workshop tools work in practice, our whole curriculum is built with research tools and technologies embedded. This exposes you to the latest tools & tricks in research, and shows you how it feels to be both a participant and facilitator using these tools.

Become part of the Learning Labs community

All participants who take part in Learning Labs sessions get automatic membership to the Learning Labs community. This is an online group where members can pose questions to others, get tips and advice, post or inquire about jobs, and stay connected — long after your training is through.