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We offer qualitative research training for market researchers and user experience professionals.

Focus group moderator training / UX interviewing training /   Human-centered research training / Social listening training / Research analysis skills / Report & presentation training

Ux Researchers And Focus Groups

Learn how to excel in qualitative research

Our workshops are designed to give human-centered researchers the confidence they need to interview effectively (rooted in Social Sciences and qualitative research skills), so that researchers can gain the insights they need from their participants– and be able to translate these learnings to their teams. After going through our training, there is no scenario that you, as a market researcher, won’t be able to handle.

The Learning Labs approach
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Learn-by-doing: 2- and 4-day immersion sessions

InterQ Learning Labs teaches through immersive training accelerators, held in various cities, worldwide. Our training consists of workshops ranging from 2-4 days, with small class sizes (max of 12 students). Our professional instructors work closely with our students, teaching by having participants learn through case studies and with participants (for moderator training) in real settings (a combination of focus group facilities, co-working spaces, and hotel conference rooms). You will get hands-on instruction, feedback, real research scenarios, and, throughout the process, you’ll learn the latest research technologies so that you’ll learn research technology, along with moderating skills.

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Qualitative market research training taught by top instructors

InterQ Learning Labs was founded by Dr. Karen Seratti and Joanna Jones – who have been doing moderating and business strategy for a combined 40 years.  Our instruction is based on our careers spent moderating and doing strategy at The Seratti Group and InterQ Research. We’ve conducted research and led thousands of interviews for the world’s largest brands, and we take the best of our knowledge to train our workshop attendees. In addition to Karen and Joanna, InterQ Learning Labs brings in instructors who have experience in agencies and large tech companies to teach specialized courses, in topics that include social listening research, UX, and multicultural research.

Our workshops are designed for the following professionals:

Qualitative Researchers

Market researchers

Whether you’re an independent qualitative researcher, work in-house, or are looking to become a researcher, our qualitative market research training will give you real-world instruction. You’ll learn how to define the objectives, write discussion guides, set up the study, and moderate groups, in-depth interviews, dyads, and triads.

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Ux Researchers

UX researchers

If you work in UX and are looking to boost your toolbox and skillset, our training covers the key interviewing & research skills that UX professionals need to excel, for both in-person and virtual research. You’ll gain confidence in how to moderate, work with internal teams, write reports, and ensure your research is impactful.

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Ad Agency Planners

Ad agency planners

From advertising concept testing, to brand ideation, our qualitative training courses cover the fundamentals and advanced methods for moderating, report writing, and translating your work into the creative brief. By going through our training programs, you’ll learn the key skills that will take you to the next level in your career.

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Strategists Facilitators

In-house training for internal teams

For in-house teams, we train departments and teams in research fundamentals and advanced skills. Your team will come offsite, coordinated by InterQ Learning Labs. In addition to custom training, this is a fantastic team-building opportunity for internal research teams. Contact us to discuss internal training. We will customize the curriculum.

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Karen’s classes were always enriching, informative and thought provoking. I always felt she went above and beyond to demonstrate the lesson being taught. Karen has a teacher’s heart, and it shines through in everything she does.

Kristen, Qualitative Researcher

Dr. Seratti has incredible interpersonal skills as well as superior skills with groups. She is able to make panelists/participants to feel comfortable and freely participate in the sessions.

Doug, Elanco

Dr. Seratti’s disarming style and warm personality make you forget she is a scientist with an aptitude for rigor.  Her approach is that of a collaborative partner, and she has an uncanny ability to push her students to view situations from new perspectives.

Traci, Independent Consultant

Joanna is a very skilled observer and was able to direct my attention to subtle details in my interactions with participants that yielded much fuller results. I really appreciated her enthusiasm for teaching across subject matters and her ability to understand the value of the information acquired. She is a really motivating and inspiring instructor with a huge commitment to her students.

Kara, Healthcare Moderator

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